Mac & iPhone Tidbits

Great quote:
"If we had a dime for every blog rumor about an Apple tablet we've seen, we'd have at least enough for a large soy-based coffee beverage from Starbucks."
-- Dan Ackerman, "Five things still missing from Apple MacBooks" from CNET.com

MacWorld reviews iPhone 3.0.

For iPhone OmniFocus users (and if you have an iPhone without OmniFocus, let me encourage you to check it out--it's the best task-management tool I've ever seen):
"The Coolest Feature You’re Probably Not Using"
-- Brian, The Omni Mouth
Going from 3G to 3GS?
"How to Avoid Paying the iPhone 3GS Upgrade Tax"
-- Brian X. Chen, Wired.com

In Other News...
Rebecca Blakeley has posted some fantastic resources for reading up on Iran and the current conflict, as well as background info.