I'm On Fire

Need some laughs? Check out the flickr page for "Best. Titles. Ever!" taken directly from some very amusing, very odd, government documents.

For some reason, for the past three weeks, I keep reading references to the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire. It started by reading a review of Triangle: A Novel, by Katharine Weber (on my wishlist), and then finding that we own David Von Drehle's Triangle: The Fire That Changed America at UNT (made a note to borrow this). Today, I read on the GovDoc-L listserv that there's an article in this month's Smithsonian about Drehle's search for documents on the fire while researching his novel--and how a search for lost documents led to a digitization project. And that article referred to Cornell's website, which contains digitized documents and other materials relating to the fire.

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