Facebook Live!

Last Tuesday (8/29), we hosted a "Facebook Live" event at Willis Library, in which students used a "speed dating" model to make new friends and exchange Facebook or MySpace names.

It went pretty well, and served as a good jumping-off point for advertising the new CyberCafe (now under Willis's management, not Food Services), with free coffee and cookies. At first it looked like there were going to be a lot more guys than girls, but it evened out a bit. It was great to hear such a high noise level on the first floor, comparable to Dead Week when there are about a hundred bodies packed into the study space!

Speaking of the CyberCafe, I'm excited because not only are there rumors of and cheaper coffee and more food selections to compete with the vending machines on the lower level, but we're also ordering comfy furniture for it. Yesterday Dr. Grose was even talking about perhaps spreading more comfy furniture around the library in general--hooray for the Barnes & Noble model and the Library As Place!

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