Librarian Laughter for a Thursday Morning

This is what's great about working in Government Documents; you get to see 1950's documents in all their gosh-darn-swell glory. Via GovDoc-L, I bring you Social Security documents from the era of poodle skirts and Leave It To Beaver.

A SSA poster about changing your name after marriage:
When a Miss Becomes a Mrs.

This is possibly the best comic-book quote ever:
"Boy, I'll bet it'll be wonderful to get a real, man-sized job!"

Why yes, it is wonderful to have a real, man-sized job! In fact, that was the precise wording on my position's job description: Librarian for Digital Collections, Real Man-Sized Job (FTE). Must have peachy-keen manner and can-do attitude. Ladies required to wear cat-eye glasses, pencil skirt, cardigan, and hair in a bun (brunette preferable). Previous shushing experience a plus.

Need some tips on demonstrating your technical savvy? A Librarian's Guide to Etiquette is there for you.

And, of course, I can't let this go without a plug for The Laughing Librarian (but of course, you're reading this blog already, aren't you?)

Update: it's really, really sad when your tag cloud makes "span" the largest word because it's ridiculously reading your HTML formatting as well as your content.

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