Loving Lewis

So far at the GovDocs reference desk, I've had a few art questions, and some general literature ones, but so infrequently that each one seems like a special occassion. I just had a student come up looking for works by C.S. Lewis--fiction, nonfiction, theological, diaries--whatever we had. I asked if it was for a class, but it turns out that just like me, he grew up reading C.S. Lewis, and had left a lot of Lewis books at home that he wanted to read. I gave him my card, just in case he ever needed more help finding something Lewis-related. It's questions like that which make me miss the downstairs reference desk a bit.

But when I've answered four "Where's the bathroom?" questions in a row, I'm ready to escape to my office to dance with metadata.

Update: He came back to ask for some fiction by George MacDonald; he's reading one of my favorites right now, Phantastes. It does my heart good to know that someone most likely a decade younger than me is reading these amazing works. (And if you want a gorgeous work on MacDonald's life, check out this book, with photographs from my HSU English prof Larry Fink, who taught the CS Lewis class I took my senior year--naturally!)

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