Going the Distance... Learning

I only got to hear the beginning this morning, but the Diane Rehm show on NPR was discussing online higher education (you can now listen to it online). Interesting stats: 1.2 million students in wholly-online programs (both undergrad and graduate-level), but that jumps to 3.2 million when you're counting at the course-level, including students who take both online and on-campus courses (like myself). By 2008, it's predicted that 1 out of 10 students will be taking online courses.

Which reminded me that this Wednesday, 11/15, at 2pm there will be an open house to celebrate UNT's new Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment. I'm particularly excited about this, not only because of my personal experience with and interest in online education, but also because while working at UNT's Center for Distributed Learning, I helped research the CTLA project. It is directed by my former boss, Dr. Phil Turner, and the new associate director is Kelly McMichael, one of the talented faculty members on the original Blended Learning project.

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