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It didn't win, but American Born Chinese was the first graphic novel nominated for a National Book Award! Woohoo! Of course, one step forward, one step back... there have been several recent challenges to graphic novels in libraries.

There's a second "Librarian" adventure/B-movie coming up in December. Yes, I'm a sucker for cheap Indiana Jones imitations--it's as good as I'm getting unless Lucas and Spielberg ever actually start Indy 4. (I'm not holding my breath, or I'd have turned blue about six years ago.)

I know you need some more wiki-goodness: here are some wiki resources from Meredith Farkas, a wiki video course, and best of all, a Homestar Runner wiki. (It makes my geeky little heart so happy!)

Looks like I missed the deadline for America's Next Top Librarian, darn.

Temporary Tattoos--for librarians! Put a little sass on your shushin' arm.

...Finally, some new features in Firefox 2.0. So far, I downloaded it and the only difference I'd noticed was the sheer volume of plug-ins available for it. But auto-spell-check in-browser and a thesaurus sound like great features to me!

Heather at Re:Generations ponders the difficulty in getting and effectively using a library mentor.

I finally found this memoir, Breaking Night, written by Liz Murray, the homeless girl who got herself through high school and into Harvard. I'd been trying to find it for awhile and it's proven surprisingly difficult to find (whereas the TV movie is linked everywhere).

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