Web Archiving & Book Mooching

The Web Curator Tool (WCT) was just released by the National Library of New Zealand (NLNZ); it's a new resource for archiving websites (part of my job for the CyberCemetery and the NDIIPP Web-at-Risk project). I may be providing feedback on this project as part of my duties as a curator in the Web-at-Risk project. This news came shortly after I finished posting my first FDLP conference notes to my wiki on what topic but: Web Harvesting.

On a completely different track, I've been using Book Mooch for a few months now; I've sent three books (two more to send this week) for the lost MediaMail cost of $1-2.50 each, and in turn received two books, and have two more on the way! I highly recommend the service as a cheap, fun way to exchange books. It's particularly good for graphic novels, as these tend to be pricey at Half Price Books and the popular titles aren't usually available; Book Mooch has a bigger selection, and they cost only the media mail postage that you pay to send a book of your own to someone else.

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