I Love My Job: Comics and Graphic Design

I'll be giving a presentation this summer for an AP high-school workshop on preserving history. I've just been asked to present on the topic of preserving comic books, and have already enlisted a knowledgable friend to help me in my research. It's nice to be the go-to person for comics in the library.

We're in the process of approving a logo for the Denton Reads project. This is an offshoot of the very popular Seattle Reads program (formerly known as "If All Seattle Read the Same Book"). For Denton Reads, we plan to hold an entire month of book-related activities, instead of just one week, and I'm on the graphics committee. Last week, I refined the logo I'd designed and added a black and white version, and so far the feedback on the list-serv is good. And here I thought I wouldn't be using a fine arts degree in a library position--I'm happy to be wrong!

I also applied for the Code4lib Scholarship for Women, in hopes that it might enable me to attend the conference this year in Athens, Georgia. It's even more on my mind, as I am missing Midwinter this week--my travel budget was too drained and my schedule too full to allow it. I'm sad to miss Seattle, but it gears me up even more for Annual in DC... I am just dying to get back to that city.

Unrelated Banter:
There's an interesting beta of new features for THOMAS.

This podcast has great buzz, particularly considering that it's all about grammar: Grammar Girl's Quick & Dirty Tips for Better Writing. Go ahead: release your inner nerd.


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