Just Like a Librarian

There’s nothing like four hours or so of office re-organization. I feel like the cobwebs of my mind have been cleared, as well—just wish that I could reorganize my whole home in the same amount of time it takes to do one office. (And that’s also considering only six months or so of office artifacts, versus six years of objects settling into the strata-like layers of my house.)

Luckily, I chose to do it all today. The past two days were a madhouse of catching up, and next week the chaos begins as students return, courses begin, and our service desk opens again. Today was intensely quiet and miraculously interruption-free, perfect for labeling file folders and overflowing my paper recycle bin.

Going through my papers, I found my “$100 folder.” I started it when I read this blog post by Steven Cohen last June. This is going to be a great resource when PAC (Personnel Affairs Committee review) time comes around at the UNT-L. I print out particularly pleased patron responses to email reference answers, photos of any library displays I’ve worked on, and examples of applied ideas and accomplishments (with specific number comparing before/after, if possible). For instance, before vacation my former boss changed our online comment form to direct all email to me. Two days before Christmas vacation, I got 35 messages in a row, all of which were spam. I requested that one of our LAN guys add a CAPTCHA feature to the form to verify human vs. computer entries. Since he implemented it, I’ve received just 6 emails, none of which were spam. Success!

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