Digital Projects: Progress Report

We're making great progress on our two newest GovDocs digital projects.

A-Z Retro-Cataloging Digitization

  • A-Z project: retro-cataloging and barcoding items by starting with the A's and checking every shelf
  • digitization criteria: everything in the A-Z project that is pre-1960
  • fate of the print copies: throwing out items in need of preservation, unless worthy of archiving
  • number of metadata records completed: 172
  • these are currently in the Digital Projects Unit queue and are being scanned

FCC Record Digitization

  • digitization criteria: all of the FCC Record
  • fate of the print copies: throwing out (except the cumulative indexes)
  • other: all GovDocs staff is learning how to duplex-scan FCC volumes, to get better acquainted with the digitization process.

On another note: if Photoshop reports a "fatal error" one more time this evening... I may have to scream. Yes, on the library's designated quiet floor. It's that bad.

I'm working on the 22"x30" Denton Reads poster now, in an effort to get it done by tomorrow afternoon. I already have a mock-up completed for the 22"x30" version that will be going up in Denton ISD schools, as seen below.

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