My Mock-ups Are Mocking Me

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I heard NPR's Marketplace deliver a segment about the U.S. Patent Office using wikis. How cool is that? NPR + GovDocs + Library 2.0 = one interested geek.

Marketplace also mentioned Archie McPhee, the company the creates the Librarian action figure. And then mentioned typo squatters. Man, I love NPR.

On the graphic design front.... there must be some kind of cosmic rule that if the image doesn't crash Photoshop, you must not be adequately using the program's innate coolness. Try these mock-ups for the Denton Reads poster on for size:
And that's about it for today. I've had computer crashes, legal reference questions, web content updates, a webinar, and the usual email detritus. I think that since I got here twelve hours ago... it's just about time to head home.

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