The Sun is Shining

Sunshine Week—this moniker seemed particularly apt this week, with all the gorgeous weather we’re having in North Texas.

Sunshine Week is held each year in March to create “a dialogue about the importance of open government to the public.” You can find more information at these sites:
Let me take this opportunity to highlight two of UNT’s Digital Collections that support the spirit of Sunshine Week:
Also, the Charlotte Observer has a news page and a blog about Sunshine Week.

Unrelated Banter
Here's an interesting article in the realm of archiving: Is That Just Some Game? No, It’s a Cultural Artifact
"When Henry Lowood, curator of the History of Science and Technology Collections at Stanford University, started preserving video games and video-game artifacts in 1998 he thought it was closer to professional oblivion than a bold new move into the future."

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