Let's Review...

I'm about to begin my first professional book review for The Journal of Web Librarianship, and thought I'd share that their review editor, Phillip M. Edwards, has written a great guide to professional reviewing.

I'll be slapping material for the review up on my wiki periodically.

Currently Reading

The Human Side of Reference and Information Services in Academic Libraries: Adding value in the digital world

Edited by Lesley S.J. Farmer

Other highlights today...
  • I was asked to be in an ALA promotional video. Apparently, I'm young and hip-looking. Methinks I should break out my new pack of "The Illustrated Librarian" temporary tattoos.
  • Still trying to get all my materials together for my first annual review. Whew!!
  • I'm working on a large calendar with photographs of UNT's beloved albino squirrel (may he rest in peace) for our CyberCafe on the first floor. We're opening an Albino Squirrel Memorial on the 16th (sadly, I'll be in Denver).

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