365 Library Days

Libraryman just invited me to join the 365 Library Days group on Flickr! It's a neat project:
Let's get as many libraries as we can to sign up for a customized, library friendly version of the 365 project. That would mean that if you decide to participate, you would commit to downloading at least 365 pictures from in, around or about the library you work in, for and/or with. Uploading a picture every day for 365 days in this case wouldn't be practical, but committing to 365 images in a year could be done fairly easily. It could also have HUGE value for your library.
This afternoon, I posted 24 photos--primarily that I had taken of our newly-renovated library mall... of course, it hits me now that I haven't paid $25 for the premium Flickr membership that allows you to add more than 200 photos, so that may be a problem in the future... I'd like to add some Denton Reads photos, as well.

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