The Library Mall and Other News

I promised a few pals that I'd take photographs of the newly-renovated Library Mall, so here they are. The improved space and addition of many benches has encouraged greater numbers of students to use the space--I see them eating lunch, reading, and talking in the area all the time now. The main changes were the addition of two long fountains and the front fountain with the waterfall, the replacement of much of the old concrete with brick walkways, the addition of the tan stone, and the addition and more trees and benches. (See more photos.)

I had to record our great environmental display tie-in (for the Denton Reads program in April) in the GovDocs department. One of our staff members and several of our students gathered documents and colored printouts of animal masks (from some Texas documents) and really spruced up our area (see more photos)!

A new albino squirrel has arrived!! K.T. Shiue, who took all the photographs of "Baby" the albino squirrel for the calendar we've mounted in the Albino Squirrel Memorial area of our Cyber Cafe, recently caught sight of a new baby albino squirrel at Maple Hall, very close to the library (see more of his albino squirrel photos).

Today was the wrap-up lunch for Denton Reads, graciously hosted and catered by the TWU Library (see more photos). We're quite pleased with our success, and will get together in a couple of weeks to begin organizing the 2008 program (which will be held in October of 2008). With 18 months to plan, compared to the 6 months we had this year (and how well it came off despite that), we think 2008 can be spectacular!

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