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I am glad that the ALA GODORT list-serv snafu appears to be over. Very, very glad.

Anyone got bets on whether H.R. 2545, The "Congressional Research Accessibility Act" is going to pass and make CRS Reports available to the public? I bet the Director of CRS isn't happy about this bill. Val, I know you'll have a bet to place.

Entrance Signage

So far, I've uploaded about a third of the shots I took at San Jose's Martin Luther King, Jr. Library when we visited on the 2nd of the month. So far, these shots encompass the exterior and 1st through 3rd floors; only five more floors to go! (Also this is my general Flickr set for libraries I've visited, versus my set of photos for the UNT Libraries.)

Since a fellow librarian pal mentioned using my graphic novel reviews (from my personal blog), I thought I'd link to them here as well.


Valerie said...

Oh, do I have opinions on this legislation! I think a lot of people are taking it at face value & saying 'public access to CRS reports - good!'

However, it's only those reports that the Director deems acceptable to release to the public, and it's within 20-30 days after publication. Given that the value in the reports are their timeliness, this does nothing to diminish the business of the penny hill press guy.

So yeah, I can't make up my mind whether or not I want the bill to pass, much less take bets on whether or not it will. Should I be an adult, and realize that this watered-down access to the reports is a good first step? Or should I oppose it because it doesn't do exactly what I want it to? Hmm.

We're going to be talking about it at ALA though - last I heard, I'm taking the lead on the issue. Feel free to chime in. =)

Starrlett said...

Yeah--that's going to be discussed in the second Legislative session, right? I am totally there.

I hadn't seen the limitations on it, but I am not at all surprised. As I was reassuring the student assistant who works on this project, even IF the legislation passes, we've still got a hugely valid role here.

I'm in favor of even a watered-down version, although it doesn't make me happy. But I figure if I keep grousing about how Congress isn't getting things done because both sides are unwilling to compromise, then I shouldn't be unwilling myself. Meh.