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I took a few more photos of our library this morning for the 365 Library Days project, which you can check out at my Flickr account.

While in the Bay Area, I checked out San Jose's spectacular central public library branch (which, incidentally, is also the San Jose State University library), the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library. I'll be posting those images shortly.

Also, I just got my PBwiki shirt (part of their Presenter's Pack)! Thanks, PBwiki!!! I love the spiffy star-covered box it came in.

PBwiki Shirt

I also posted some photos of my office on Flickr... why? Well, because I'm a little silly that way. And because I have to eke the last drop of goodness out of this Canon EOS 20D before I return it to the Digital Lab this evening.

A Librarian's Office: My Shelves

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