Updating ePortfolio

By the way, in case you've been trying to reach my mural business website, Snazzy Decor (http://www.snazzydecor.com), or my professional ePortfolio, my web server's been down for several months.

However, I'm temporarily porting my ePortfolio over to webspace at UNT (see link). I'm still missing several pages, but will grab them soon. Also, the index and contact pages have updated information, but all other pages are probably 6-12 months out of date. I hope to have this project completed by the end of next week.

Notice that I've changed my design to a more nifty one? That's because I stripped the last remaining formatting out of these files and have fully embraced the glory of CSS.

Oh, and if you don't have an online portfolio? It's a really good idea, IMHO.

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