Happy St. Lawrence Day!

Today, our Head of Archives hosted a St. Lawrence feast-day BBQ celebration at the library. (St. Lawrence is the patron saint of librarians and archivists.) To celebrate his feast day, we ate grilled meat (well, barbeque works when you're in Texas) in honor of St. Lawrence's martyrdom by being grilled.

When I was still working on my Art History MA, he was one of my favorite saints, primarily because of the great quote attributed to him while he was being grilled, "Turn me over, I'm done on this side." Ah, those crazy, crazy saints. Take a course on hagiography (the study of saints) and suddenly you think jokes about cephalophores are amusing. (Then again, we're talking about historians here... huge, huge nerds to begin with.)

In honor of St. Larry, here are some pertinent links:
Among my other favorite saints:

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