Loving LexisNexis (Database Training)

Since LexisNexis recently updated their "Academic" database--oh the joy of full Shepardizing citations!--we invited our lovely LN representative, Priscilla, to come train our Docs and Reference librarians in it. I took notes on my wiki, primarily because I can't remember anything longer than five minutes unless it's written--but the other librarians expressed an interest in them, so I posted them to our library wiki, as well.

Which got me to thinking... maybe there are other librarians who'd like them, too! So, just in case you're wondering about the amazing depths hidden within the LexisNexis databases, here's a place to start:
I have to say, I learned a bunch during this two-hour session, and I'm amazed at the wealth of information. I could have been using Congressional and Statistical a lot more, had I realized the treasures within.

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Valerie said...

Oh, lucky you - I miss Priscilla! Hope you had a good visit with her.