Whistle While You Work

You can now access the materials from the 2007 Fall Depository Library Council conference online. I've added DLC's pdf version of my slides and handout to my wiki page, in case anyone doesn't have MS products (yes, O Wise Mac Users, I'm speaking of you).

This week was the usual blur of meetings, only with the heightened franticness of the knowledge that next week will be missing two workdays. This is good, in the vacation realm of getting to relax and hang out with family--and kinda bad in the eternally-behind mode of work.

A few days ago I rather trepadaciously told Alex that I'd like to spend most of one day this weekend getting some work done (primarily web updates for GODORT, but also some other professional-development stuff that doesn't find its place in the daily work routine). He answered with relief that he'd been wanting to do the same thing, as well. Folks, this is when you shake your heads at each other, think the word "workaholic" -- but don't dare to actually utter it, lest one of you decides that things need to change--starting with this weekend!

Ah, well. Sitting side-by-side with our laptops is about the same equivalent of quality time as sitting side-by-side watching a movie, right? Only the sarcastic comments aren't about plot lines or shoddy acting, but about the persnickety-ness of technology and various work assignments.

The couple that works together... um... you got me there.

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