Comey of Errors

The whole Houston trip was an interesting saga, briefly summarized here:
  • nearly missed plane from DFW
  • workshop was amazing, met some interesting people
  • got four fantastic hardbacks of Tufte's work
  • stuck in traffic for an hour and half on the way to Houston Hobby
  • missed 6:30 flight--last flight of the day!
  • spent 45 minutes trying to find another flight or lodgings
  • was picked up by a family member
  • back to the airport at 4am, flew to DFW at 6am
  • drove directly to Denton for work to meet 2 of the 4 deadlines from last week

Do not pass go, do not collect $200, do not get any sleep.

Anyway, this is my week of playing deep catch-up at work, so I'll still be lying low on the blog-radar. I'll try to post more info about the workshop next week.

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Auntie K said...

I'm jealous--not of the errors part; that sounds nightmarish--but of the workshop and the books. But I'm sure you will put what you learned to better use than I would. Hang in there!