Countdown to Launch

Well, it should be all ready--cross your fingers. I had to give up playing Guitar Hero in the Digital Projects Lab yesterday in order to finish (dang), but we've finally got the manual and training completed for the move to our new internal communication system. I.E., instead of emailing out a Word or PDF attachment each week for the library's internal newsletter, we now have a CMS instance (we're using Plone, which is also the CMS for our library website) devoted to the newsletter, which also uses a controlled keyword vocabulary, organizes by department, and is searchable.

I don't know what took more effort, really, figuring out what CMS to use and the keywords and how it would all operate, or writing the whole training manual explaining everything. Although to be fair, I wasn't the programmer on the CMS end, so that was probably the worst of it.

I'm doing a little finish-up work communication remotely right now, and in the afternoon will be taking off for my nice long two-week holiday, which will be split between San Antonio, Las Vegas, and our home in McKinney.

May you all enjoy a great holiday season--rest up, eat well, and make merry!!!

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