Back in Denton

Actually, this is my second day back in the office, but I'm only now sane enough to post. The whole Anaheim/Abilene/Austin thing kind of threw me for a loop the last two and a half weeks. I'm whittling down my to-do list, but being as I have another week-long trip (Interagency in DC) at the end of the month, IFLA in Canada in August, and a personal trip to NYC at the end of that month, I doubt I'll make dramatic progress on my projects until September. Whew.

I primarily wanted to say that I now have all the Austin trip photos up, or you can just view the TLA ones. Take note: there has been no cropping or editing of any kind yet, so these are a bit rough.

I'm still working on the ALA photos... in fact, I didn't even finish editing/uploading the photos from my vacation-y time on day 1. Sigh. All in time.

Amidst my myriad projects are a couple of more recent and short-term things:
  • propose and prepare an OPAL on designing a GovDocs website
  • prepare a proposal (and/or article?) related to one or two aspects of Gaiman's Sandman
  • draft a new copy of the Texas Depository Library contact list (then send it out to our state list-serv for further corrections)
  • prepare this year's UNT Libraries Albino Squirrel Calendar
  • design this year's Denton Reads promo materials
  • go through my long list of possible articles, and pick at least two to begin writing
If I list more than that, my ears might start smoking, so we'll leave it there, as the projects that are most immediately on my mind.

Anyone else feel like the summer that was supposed to be their downtime ended up being more stressful and/or busy than the spring was? I had about two weeks of relative peace and quiet, but that's it.

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