...Where Am I?

I'm kind of wondering this myself. I didn't so much unpack my ALA suitcase so much as stuffed Alex's dirty laundry from his St. Petersburg trip into it, and we took off to spend the holiday weekend in Abilene. We had high hopes of doing laundry while we were there, but ended up sitting around playing video games and trying to stop our heads spinning in between business trips.

We got back Saturday, and Sunday I had to get up and do the laundry in order to re-pack for the business trip I'm currently on, TLA Annual Assembly in Austin. Got here Monday and am leaving tomorrow(--I think; is it really Wednesday?). I'm on the Conference Programs Committee, so it's a lot of proofing, discussing, lias-ing with my groups, and finally scheduling. It's been a nice trip and I've had fun, but I am quite ready to get home and get re-acquainted with my husband. (After all, I've got a full two weeks home before I'm off to DC for Interagency).

At this rate, it almost--almost!--makes the Fall semester seem less intimidating. Sure, I'll have fulltime classes again, but maybe less travel. Maybe. One can hope. I love travel, I love being involved in professional groups and getting things done and learning... but man, it will be great someday when my life's purpose doesn't seem to be redefining the word "busy."

On the other hand, my husband is convinced that it's simply a part of who I am, and that if I had evenings without homework or articles to read or write, that I'd have a mental breakdown. He may be right.

I must say that I am learning the value of the word "no," however. Slowly, to be sure, but I am learning to wield its power. After all, I've got to make time to get home and discuss Battlestar Galactica with my husband--there are some things in life that are just non-negotiable.

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