Officially a Mac

And it's done! I went with the 13" MacBook, will be upgrading to 4GB RAM in the next week or so, Adobe CS4 will be shipped to me after release (yay!), and Alex couldn't resist getting us a family MobileMe account.

Last night, we charged and started up the MacBook, which is dubbed, like my previous two laptops, Interceptor. Um... yeah, there actually is a crazy story behind that. Our computer naming scheme is... sigh... Star Wars vehicles. You can't blame one of us more than the other for that; Alex and I really are that equally geeky.

Our machines, old and new:
  • Alex's desktop: Executor (Darth Vader's flagship, a Super Star Destroyer)
  • my old desktop: Jadesfire (um... it's from a Star Wars book, let's leave it at that embarrassing revelation)
  • our Wii (yeah, it counts!): Tiiderian (after the shuttle Tiderian, and Wii's two-i-name... yeah)
  • my laptop(s): Interceptor (after the TIE Interceptor--because it's small and maneuverable, get it?)
  • our router: TieBomber (mostly because it's small)
  • the printer machine: PrintBoy (okay well it had to fall down somewhere)
  • Alex's hoped-for MacPro: he's currently debating names, but my favorite option is Death Star
And now, having completed my Statistics midterm and updated the blogosphere on my current computery-ness, I shall depart for work and some presentations that need brushing up for next week.


Tihleigh said...

You have John Williams-penned sound themes, don't you....

Starrlett said...

Well, I must admit that last night, the first eight CDs I ripped were all Star Wars soundtracks.


Troy said...

this article had to of been written with you and Alex in mind :D


enjoy your MAC!!!!