It's March Already?

My personal and professional blogs are both suffering from my schedule, as you may have noticed. (Note to self: after my residency for this PhD program is complete, never again register for full-time courses... or, at least not while simultaneously working full-time and commuting a couple hours a day.)

I keep thinking of blog posts but not writing them down--so here are a few of the things I'm working on at the moment:
  • fleshing out our WW poster collections page (inspired by the Northwestern's great pages)
  • adding a FAQ page to the WW poster page (we get a lot of questions about purchasing reproductions and finding information on artists)
  • uploading all those lovely CRS reports from Wikileaks
  • I finally downloaded the UNT Libraries LibX toolbar, which is quite handy for showing me which books that I'm browsing on Amazon are held at UNT
  • researching the practices of librarians embedded in online courses
  • researching the adoption of electronic reference in academic libraries, and how this was affected by a variety of factors
  • ...and a project on educational background of academic library deans with fellow librarian Annie Downey, which I think is pretty much stalled until summer
Oh, and there's something in my job description about managing digital collections and answering reference questions? Yeah, that too.

Hmmm. It is May yet?

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Amanda (the librarian) said...

researching the practices of librarians embedded in online courses

I'm the first (and only - I think) librarian here to be embedded in a Blackboard course - however, the course meets face-to-face and the instructor just uses Blackboard for assignment submission, messages, and assessments, so I haven't been "used" that much, but I participate in the few discussions and respond to e-mails.