Floating in Cyberspace

I...love...having a second monitor at work. Boo-ya!

Metadata issues. Sometimes it's difficult to choose between standarization of records and accessibility for users. What if the user types in the exact title as it appears on the report? What if the title contains a misspelling? What if I go crazy pondering these philosophical questions at my desk?

Wish I could have gone to LITA's packed "Next Stop Blogging" panel at ALA. Found some notes and slides from it, though--posted to the Library Blog Overview on my wiki.

Speaking of wikis... Creating my own wiki has given me a sense of the directionless-ness of cyberspace in a way that I'd not previously experienced. Starting afresh with each page, leaving documents dangling if I wished, is a slightly unnerving possibility.

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Auntie K said...

It's exactly that "directionless" feeling that makes me hesitant to try del.icio.us, flickr, etc., much less anything more complicated like a wiki or Second Life. (Well ok, that and laziness.) I know a lot of these tools are supposed to help us get more organized, but when I'm trying to learn how they work, they tend to give me the exploding head feeling.