Progress--Like Success--Is Sweet

I've only got 61 metadata records left to reconcile (or so it appears now--that doesn't mean I won't find another 500 tomorrow that somehow previously escaped my notice). Which means I can start creating a name authority file for both DC Creator and DC Title. It's nice to see some real progress on this project--namely, to see all the nasty red (or rather, dark pink) highlights in the metadata tool dwindling away.

I actually got about 143 records edited today--and all of that after lunch--which is a daily record, I think. My breakthrough appears to have been getting out my headphones (although it seems counter-intuitive) and letting my brain munch on something in the background instead of listing around for something more challenging to do. That, the new second monitor, and re-programming my extra mouse keys with copy and paste (so that I can perform almost all functions exclusively with my right hand), have really speeded me up.


Auntie K said...

Pardon my ignorance. For what does a librarian use a second monitor? Same thing CADD operators do--spreading the display across two screens? Guess I need to come visit your domain!

Starrlett said...

Well, in my case, I've been editing metadata records, which is painstakingly long. It's faster when one monitor has the browser open with the online metadata tool (where I make the edits), and the second monitor has the spreadsheet where I keep track of my changes. You'd think, by using windows and flipping between them, that it might not be much faster to have two monitors with your windows always open, but it really is.

It's also great when you're creating a new document either based on or commenting on another one, particularly if it's in a different application. I've been using it to read notes from wikis, blogs, etc., and to write up my own observations.