Cool, Creative Colleagues

Sometimes I feel like my colleagues are divided into distinct categories: the art people, the library people, and the techie people (not to imply that I don't know people outside of these circles, as well). It's great to know a wide range of people, but sometimes I forget that they don't all share all of my interests.

That's been one of the great aspects of taking a(nother) course in digital imaging; they are all, to some extent, involved in and/or passionate about art/images, libraries, and technology. It's also been one of the pleasures of my job, getting to work with our Digital Projects Unit, which handles most of the UNT Libraries' scanning and metadata. I'm already missing my fellow former-GLA, Kristen, fellow art-history degree-er and blogger. And I've been chatting with La-La Librarian, who is not only an artist in library school who has a tech-leaning job, but is also familiar with my GovDocs stomping grounds.

Isn't it nice to have company?

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