Digital Iconography

I really, really love when I get to use Photoshop for work purposes. It's work that feels like play!

...Except, of course, when Photoshop crashes three times in a row because my computer lacks sufficient memory to support it. Sigh. Between that and trying to load pdfs in a reasonal amount of time (since, you know, that's like 50% of my job), my boss and I are looking into possibly improving that situation with part of the annual materials budget. Here's hoping. In any case, here are the fruits of my Photoshop labor:

So tell me, does this icon indicate "CyberCemetery" to you? I wrote this criteria before I designed the image:
  • simple
  • little or no text
  • indicate that it's an archive ("cemetery")
  • indicate that it archives government info
  • indicate that it archives websites
I started out with the idea of having a headstone read "CyberCemetery" and then be shown in a computer screen--but that was far too complex an image. And I wanted something more than just a headstone, which by itself doesn't really indicate what the CC is (I couldn't come up with any better representation of an archive than the headstone, though). Then it seemed obvious that ".gov" was the solution to the last two points, and made for a much more easily-read image.

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