Jill Hurst-Wahl recently posted about new books in preservation and digitization. One of them was Archiving the Web: A Guide for Information Management Professionals, about which she mentioned, "Hopefully this books conveys some of the lessons being learned from the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program." ...Which reminded me that I don't think I've posted an update on the NDIIPP Web-at-Risk project.

I'm the curator for UNT's collection in the project, and over the summer, my boss and I developed our Collection Plan (the CDL and ourselves were asked to provide plans early to act as examples for the rest of the group, who created their plans this month). So far, the first test release of the WAS (Web Archiving Software) was released a few weeks ago for us all to play around with it. It went pretty smoothly, and I was able to capture all the websites I listed in my URL seed list.

Unrelated Banter
  • I found this article on Museum Visitor Studies quite interesting. Museum staffers follow visitors around the museum, taking notes on which exhibits they take time at, pass by, or talk about. I like that they notify the visitors, but still try to remain hidden. That would be a neat idea to implement in a library.
  • The DLC Vision Document is final! You might want to read the FGI commentary on the document, as well.
  • Now I've heard it all: a NORAD podcast! It details how to put together an emergency preparedness survival kit and have a plan.

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