Doing A Doctoral Double-Take

Oh, how I hate to eat my words.

For any of you who read my previous post on "Debating the Doctorate," well... I still am. The longer I work in this position, the more I become interested in an administrative career. Particularly since my responsibilities have become a bit broader after my previous boss's departure.

So I'll add a few more points to that discussion: yes, I still believe that if you're not looking for an administrative position, there's little reason to while away your money and time on a doctorate. But if you're looking toward the admin office, it's pretty much a requirement. I'm tempted by UNT's IS-Doc program, both for its library birthplace and its intense interdisciplinary nature. But I have a friend in the Educational Administration / Higher Education PhD program, and it sounds extremely practical, as well as interesting.

So... consider my mind re-opened on this point.

Unrelated Banter:
I've been listening to stories on SMU's tiff about the Bush Presidential Library via NPR, and now it looks like the story's hit FGI. It seems a little silly to me--I'd think that most people would be intelligent enough to disassociate W's politics from SMU as an institution--but then again, I don't know that I'd want those associations resting in my backyard, either.

Today, my new student assistant started work and jumped right into creating metadata for CRS reports. Between that and dealing with enough email to weed it down to 18 messages in my inbox, it's been a nicely productive day (this despite the fact that a flat tire cost me three hours this morning).

We're about to start two new digital projects this (or possibly next) week... I can't wait!

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