Denton Reads...

I've been so busy with work, the Denton Reads project being just one of my current tasks, that I don't even have time to blog it all here.

Briefly, I've made some updates to the Denton Reads website, and also created a Denton Reads blog. I really love using blogs for things like this--the ability to add multiple authors, categories, widgets, photos, and other fun things just thrills me.

I'm currently working with the other member of the DR Graphics Team to create a poster, book club flyer, bookmarks, and other promotional images for publicity purposes. Next week, I hope to take the photo that will be the main image in the poster, and then I'll probably have to give myself a crash-course in using Adobe Illustrator (oh, mercy).

And the logo has had one more change: the courthouse is larger, and the outline is thicker. This is it. I promise. No, really.

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