Publicity, Of Several Kinds

This week Catherine Cuellar, a reporter for local NPR affiliate KERA 90.1, interviewed myself along with Cathy Hartman (assistant dean of UNT Libraries) and Garret Rumohr (UNT-L Web Server Administrator) about UNT's CyberCemetery (which I maintain). The 4 to 5-minute story will air soon on KERA's "Morning Edition" show, perhaps as early as Monday, 2/19 (the show runs from 5am to 9am). You can also listen to KERA streaming online.

For more about the CyberCemetery, see the recent UNT InHouse story on it.

I've already mentioned the Denton Reads blog, but wanted to stress that there have been a number of updates to it and the official Denton Reads website, such as the addition of Book Club information and publicity materials.

Monday, I'll be testing the OPAL webcast software (along with my nifty new headset/microphone) in preparation for my March 1st Five Weeks to a Social Library presentation on "The How of Wikis." (Hopefully by then I won't still sound so stuffy--I had the flu earlier this week, and I still sound ridiculous.)


Catherine Cuellar said...

I'm sorry your voice didn't make it to air - but it was great for background. The story is here:

Starrlett said...

No problem--the story sounded wonderful!! Thanks for sending the link!

Now I've got a really great resource to turn to when my family says, "So *what* is it that you do again?"

:) Thanks!