Docs in Denver

So, here I am at DLC. My brain's a bit confused from having just been in San Antonio--I spent Saturday and Sunday attempting to decompress at home (as well as finishing up calendar pages for the UNT Albino Squirrel Memorial to be unveiled tomorrow at Willis Library's Cyber Cafe). Note to self: if job continues to heavily emphasize graphic design, be sure to somehow procure a faster computer and more network drive space.

At some point, I'll have to get my impressions of TLA down in a post... for now, I'm ready to finish this post and sit down with my highlighter and my book to review. I took a lot of hard-copy notes that I want to get into my wiki as soon as possible... I fear that may be difficult to do, as emails and work have no doubt been piling up while I've been playing the jet-setting traveling librarian. The highlights of TLA in a nutshell, however, were:
  • seeing my new boss's (yes, it's official!) passionate presentation
  • Lesley Williams's incredible session on promoting e-collections
  • hearing UNT's name mentioned in every single session I attended on digital intiatives
  • going to lunch with my mom (former high school librarian, now art league librarian), three UNT colleagues, and my future boss
And I've got to say--Denton Reads is paying off in a huge way not only for the community of Denton, but for the community of Denton librarians. Because of my involvement in Denton Reads, I knew a TWU librarian and a Denton Public librarian at TLA. I think this program has really brought Denton librarians together in a great way, as collaborators, and I'm excited to see what an effect this has on our library community in the future.


Auntie K said...

I'm so sorry I couldn't go to TLA. Our TLA is this week, but I'm too new to go, and just as well--it probably would have made me cry. I'm happy you had a good time and are getting involved.

Starrlett said...

:) Thanks! I tell you, though--two conferences in one week is something I hope I don't have to do very often. Plus I didn't take any days off to recuperate--got home at 7pm Wednesday and was at work again by 9:30am Thursday.