Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jig

Things I learned while in Denver:
  • the altitude really does affect you
  • there's a surprising number of documents librarian baseball fans
  • if it's a presentation/discussion about digitization, UNT's name will come up
  • regionals have widely varying opinions on digitization and title 44
  • John Phillips really is that great
As well as, when attending two conferences in the space of a week:
  • stick to bland foods
  • you won't get much sleep
I've started typing up my notes in my wiki (including notes for TLA), but they won't be done for a few days. Keep checking back; I'll get them done. I'll also be posting in the near future some observations / thoughts on the conference proceedings; I think it will take typing all my notes to re-digest that material.

So, the emails are just about caught up (in stark contrast to the laundry), the Albino Squirrel Memorial looks great, and I'm about to go photograph the Denton Reads Film Festival at the Movie Tavern. Now, if I could only find the time to finish that book review and my research paper for Rare Books...

Also, a big thanks to my interim department head for reading my blog post and getting LAN to up my RAM! Woohoo--thanks, Mel!

Update: There's a great story about the Albino Squirrel Memorial at the Denton-Record Chronicle website, that includes some photos!

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