I've Got Mad Web Administrating Skilz!

Yes, that's right, I got the ALA GODORT Web Administrator position--woohoo! It's an appointed position with a three-year term, and it also leads the GODORT Web Managers group, which meets at ALA Annual and Midwinter. So, I'll be responsible for posting content to ALA's CMS for GODORT, requesting content be sent to me, holding meetings of the other web managers, etc. etc. I talked to Lesley Pearce this morning, the current web admin, and she's spectacularly nice and helpful, so I feel a bit more confident.

I've sadly had to cut short my participation in our library's new Book Cart Drill Team, and they have a killer of a theme, sigh. But my professional responsibilities are more important at the moment, particularly to my long-term career, and considering I'm looking at that PhD application, I don't think I want to take on a bunch of "fluff" commitments just yet. I'm learning to say "no," but it's awfully hard and not much fun.

However, I hope to be free at TLA during the competition so that I can photograph/film the team and cheer them on!

...So, I didn't use my three days off to edit/post photos and finish my ALA blogging. Really, is anyone but myself surprised at this? I will try to get those up in a reasonable amount of time.

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Auntie K said...

Administrate away! I know you'll do a fantastic job, and I pity the person who will have to fill your tiny but large shoes after 3 years. And way to build that vitae :-)