Quick and Dirty

  • Still trying to recover from work stacked up before ALA.
  • Getting my feet wet as Web Admin for ALA GODORT.
  • Madly slapping content onto our new library website (go check it out!).
  • Interview with Gene Ambaum of Unshelved to read.
  • Moving offices this week to make space for new boss (yay!) in less than two weeks.
  • Did I mention the work from before ALA? Okay, I'll go work on that.
Update: dangit, I knew I'd post the wrong link. Okay, the new library website link now works.


Valerie said...

I can't check it out - but I did try (it's restricted to UNT people only). Guess I'll have to wait until you announce the new look!

Adam said...

Hey Starr, try updating the link to http://web2.library.unt.edu/ dropping the "edit" out of the link. The redesign looks great, btw. I looked at the source... no tables... I felt at peace with the universe.

Starrlett said...

Thanks, Adam!!!