Guerrilla Blogging

...Not in the combative sense (except that I'm fighting for time to blog), but certainly in the irregular sense.
  • State-tris (Tetris with state shapes; great for teaching kids where the continental US states are, or for educating yourself--I never remember where Ohio is.)
  • "Steal this Book? Don't Bother" (article on C|NET news that promotes using your local public library to obtain content.)
So, let me briefly... er... de-brief you on all the things that are currently keeping me too busy to blog:
  • preparing for my new boss, Suzanne Sears, who starts work next Wednesday
  • ...one item of above includes moving my office
  • usual duties--digital collections, liaison collection development, reference, supervising two student assistants, etc.
  • helping a professor update an online art history course
  • applying to the Higher Ed PhD program here at UNT
  • adding content to the new library CMS
  • adding content to the new library newsletter CMS (which I'll be managing)
  • learning the ropes for the ALA GODORT Web Admin position
  • preparing for the 2008 Denton Reads program
  • working on the NDIIPP Web at Risk project
  • preparing one-two presentation proposal(s) and one article proposal
  • writing a second book review
  • still processing material/information from ALA Annual
At least I have decent excuses, right? Right?!

So, as far as the second item on that list goes, I'm all moved, but my floor is covered in file folders. Why? Because the folders are legal-sized... and my new file cabinets are letter-sized. Doh! And honestly, I'd rather change folder sizes than exchange file cabinets--they are heavy, and there are five of them. And the new ones have easier-to-open drawers.

Ah, ridiculous vanity, thy name is librarian!

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