Seen Any UFOs Lately?

My new boss just emailed me a link to this story about government documents--this guy has been sending FOIA requests for any documents relating to UFOs since he was 15. They're up at The Black Vault.

...This reminded me of a recent photo posted on BoingBoing.

And yes, I'm still kicking. I'm about 75% done organizing my new office, and my new boss has been here since last Wednesday--I think things will just begin to settle down once school starts, which of course will incite another 2-3 weeks of hectic-ocity.

In the meantime, I'm trying to catch up on emails, conference notes, ALA GODORT web stuff, TLA GODORT web stuff, new content for the CyberCemetery, a new CMS for our internal library newsletter... and too much more to list.

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